1)   Program is not responding to commands

a)   Minimize and maximize the program

b)   Try Closing and Re-opening the program, click ‘Close the  program’ if prompted in a dialog box

c)   Log off and back on to the system

i)   Save your work

ii)   Click in any remote application and press CTRL+ALT+END (not  CTRL+ALT+DEL)

iii)   Select ‘Log Off’

iv)   Wait 10-15 seconds then re-open the application

d)   If the above doesn't work, you can log off using this alternative method

i)   Save your work

ii)   Open the Remote File Explorer, click Desktop under Favorites (at the top-left)

iii)   Double click the Log Off icon

iv)   Wait 10-15 seconds after logoff and re-open the application