Accessing Applications from iOS and Android devices (tablets and smartphones)

Modified on Thu, 29 Jun, 2017 at 8:56 AM

To set up access to applications hosted through the vNet Portal on Apple & Android tablets & smartphones, follow the steps below...


On Android:


1.  Open the Play Store

2.  Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop or RD Client

3.  Download the free Microsoft Remote Desktop app by Microsoft Corporation (with the orange icon)

a. RDIcon.jpg

4.  In your Apps, open the new RD Client app (orange icon)

5.  At the top of the app, tap the word Remote Desktops to open a drop-down menu, select Remote Resources (or just tap Remote Resources on a tablet)

6.  Click the Plus ‘+’ icon at the bottom

7.  In the ‘URL’ box, type

8.  In the User Name box, type your vNet username (should be your email address)

9.  Type your password in the Password box and click the Check icon at the top

10.  The icons will download into the app


On Apple, iPhone or iPad


1.  Open the App store

2.  Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop or RD Client

3.  Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app (with the orange icon)

a. RDIcon.jpg

4.  Open the new RD Client app

5.  Click the Plus icon to add a new connection

6.  Select Remote Resources Feed

7.  URL:

8.  Username: Should be your email

9.  Password: your vNet cloud password

10.  Save the settings

11.  The icons will download into the app


General usage


1.  Open the RD Client app

2.  Tap the icon for the program you would like to use

3.  The application will launch in a full-screen session

4.  Mouse input for the session is ‘touch’ by default, you can change this to mouse mode by tapping the input method icon (looks like a pen)

a.  Touch mode works fine on tablets, mouse mode allows you to use the screen like a laptop touch pad, sliding your finger across the screen moves the mouse pointer, tapping the screen ‘clicks’ the mouse pointer wherever it is, this mode works best on smaller screens.

b.  A ‘long press’ will right-click in touch mode, to right-click in mouse mode, tap with two fingers.

5.  To disconnect a session, tap the ‘back’ button on the phone 3 times (in Android), or tap the Disconnect icon (at the top on the top menu bar) in iPhone or iPad

6.  You can launch new apps or switch between open apps using the lower menu bar

7.  Refer to the image attached to this article for further information regarding navigation


 General navigation (taken from Android, lower menu bar from this screenshot appears at the left in iOS):


To enable Touch mode in Office (optional), makes icons in the Ribbon larger for easier use on touchscreen devices.


1. From any Office application - Click the small arrow at the top-left of the Office application and click the Touch/Mouse Mode option


2. Click the Touch icon and switch between Touch and Mouse modes


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