You can create a PDF from any Microsoft Office file right within the Office application. There is no requirement to print to a PDF printer or use a 3rd party PDF creation utility.

  1. Open the Office document
  2. Click on File, Export, Create PDF/XPS
  3. Navigate to the location where you want to save the file, name the file, then click Publish

You can also convert and email the file in one step. To do this...

  1. Open the Office document
  2. Click File, Share, Email, Email as PDF
  3. A new Email will open with the PDF already attached

To create a PDF from a source other than Office...

  1. Open the file or web page
  2. Select the option to print the document
  3. Select the printer called '01 - PDF Creator'
  4. Print to this virtual printer and save the resulting PDF file