1)   PDF Document scrolls slowly

a)   Some poorly compressed PDF documents, or very large PDFs  with a lot of images may seem to scroll somewhat slowly over the remote  connection. This is due to a large amount of screen information that has to be  transferred over the web when smooth-scrolling in PDF documents that were not  created and compressed properly or have many high resolution images. Instead of  using the scroll wheel, use the page down key to navigate documents like  this.

2)   How do I create a PDF?

a)   IF USING OFFICE, click File, Export, Create PDF/XPS

b)   IF NOT USING OFFICE, Open the file you would like to make into a PDF

c)   Select the Print function in the program

d)   Choose the ‘01- PDF Creator’ from the print menu and print the  document

e)   Select a location to save the document and click Save

3)   Slow printing with some PDF documents on certain printers

a)   To resolve slow PDF printing to some printers, click the Advanced button on  the initial print dialog box (it’s at the bottom of the dialog), then select  ‘Print as Image’. You can set the DPI higher or lower, 150 will print very fast,  300 is the recommended setting. Printing as an image flattens more complicated  PDFs, such as blueprints, into a single image file significantly reducing the  size of the print job.