1.  Tap the ‘Apps’ button on the phone

2.  Find and select ‘Settings’

3.  Select ‘Accounts & Sync’ or 'Accounts'

4.  Select the option to ‘Add Account’

5.  In the Add Account menu, select ‘Exchange Active Sync’ or 'Corporate Sync' (depending on your phone version) as the account type

6.  Enter the following info when prompted (most phones only ask for email and password)

a.  Email: enter your full email address here

b.  Password: your email password

c.  Username (if requested): username is your email address

d.  Domain (if requested): Leave this blank

e.  Server (if requested): outlook.alltekvirtual.com

f.   Server Port (if requested): 443

7.  Set it to sync Mail, Contacts, and Calendar (if prompted to activate, and/or allow control of the phone, OK this)

8.  Select ‘Next’, name the account when asked and click Next or Finish