1) Check whether your internet connection is up by trying to navigate to another website

2) Check whether this affects your computer only, or all computers

a) if just you, make sure your network cable is firmly connected to the computer and wall jack

b) reboot the computer

c) if this affects everyone, proceed to step 3

3) Reboot your DSL/Cable modem, then your Firewall/Router

a) power off or unplug the DSL or Cable modem

b) wait 30 seconds then plug the device back in

c) if you have a router connected to the DSL/Cable device, wait a minute, then power cycle that as well


d) wait approximately 2 minutes and try getting online again, if you still cannot, contact the helpdesk, then your Internet provider

Also see the following article regarding RemoteApp connections throwing errors, or hanging before the Details button activates: