Your email mailbox is protected from spam and viruses by an online filtering system that quarantines spam, viruses, and emails with potentially dangerous attachments. This filter learns your emailing patterns and becomes more accurate over time. You can manage your individual filter settings using the steps in this article. Please contact support with any questions.


  1. Navigate to
  2. If you already have a password for the filter, sign in with your email address and password
    1. If you have never set up or don't remember your password, click the Forgot Password link, enter your email address, click the Send button
    2. click the link you receive in your email to set/reset the password and sign in


  1. Sign in to the spam filter and click the Quarantine button
  2. Check the box next to any emails you want to allow
  3. To allow an email one-time, click the Release button
  4. To release an email and allow future emails from the sender, click Release and Allow, select Address
  5. To release an email and allow future emails from an entire domain, click Release and Allow, Domain
    1. WARNING: DO NOT do this for public domains such as Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. Only for private domains dedicated to a company you work with and trust!


  1. Sign in to the spam filter
  2. Click the User button at the top of the page
  3. Please do not modify any settings aside from the Content Filtering Threshold slider without contacting support!
  4. You can click the 3 pre-defined settings below the slider to set the filter sensitivity. The settings are Aggressive, Optimized, or Cautious
  5. Note that the higher the threshold number, the more spam will be allowed through, and the lower the number, the more false positives (good emails marked as spam)
    1. NOTE: We recommend the Optimized setting for most cases