NOTE: As of 6/27/2018 Microsoft has released a patched 1803 Remote Desktop client to resolve several outstanding bugs, including the "popup windows hidden" and "right-click menus hidden" bugs. This update should only be run on Windows 10 version 1803 that has had earlier Alltek rollbacks or patches applied. This will resolve the "mstscax.dll does not match mstsc.exe" issue after the latest update has run, or prevent this error if applied before the new patch.

This utility patches the RDC (Remote Desktop Client) files on a Windows 10 1803 workstations to the fully patched June 2018 file versions.

Please only run this patch on Windows 10 1803.

You will need to download and run the file, click the Unzip button, then double click the launch file. Approve any administrative prompts as needed.